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What is routerlogin.net?

Routerlogin.net is a web address to get the local access of your Netgear Router where you can make both basic and advance changes. These changes can be in the wireless settings or firmware upgrade everything is possible through routerlogin.net. It should be understood that we are specifically talking about Netgear routers because routerlogin.net do not work on other routers i.e routerlogin.net only triggers the netgear firmware. So if you have Netgear router routerlogin.net can give you access to a place where you can customize settings according to your needs.

Login Failures

- Not able to login into routerlogin.net
- Routerlogin.net does not load after entering login information
- Netgear Genie page showing no response error on routerlogin.net
- Netgear Genie page opens up but does not detect an internet connection after login into routerlogin.net
- Error downloading Netgear Genie application after the setup is complete on routerlogin.net
- Routerlogin.net redirects to an ip address which is or
- No Ethernet cable detected on the router when opening routerlogin.net

Checkout FAQ Section

switch login page. Checkout FAQ Section How to enter the router setting menu? To set a password for entering the settings menu, you must first make the same input and change the password in the settings. Why it is important to have router’s address for its successful configuration? The address of the router is necessary because the configuration is done via the web interface built into the router. That is, the device connects to the desktop computer with a wired or wireless Wi-Fi connection, any web browser is launched, and in its address line we write the address of the router. Can I access the interface of the router with the help of an IP address? The IP address allows you to easily reach the configuration interface of the router. To do this, start the browser, click in the address bar and enter the determined IP address, in the example “”. After pressing the enter key the configuration window of the router appears. Please explain a method of accessing a router? After you know the IP address of your router, you can access your router. Proceed as follows: Open your internet browser. Now enter www.routerlogin.net” in the address bar and press “Enter”. Here you set the IP address of your router to the IP address found in the previous step. Write the IP address without quotation marks in the address bar. Now the login window of your router opens. In the initial configuration, most of the time, no password is set for the login. If you are asked for a password, refer to the manual of your router. There you will find the default password. What should be done if I am not able to log into the router via Using cable instead of WLAN If you can no longer log into your router via WLAN via, it is best to connect your computer and the router via a network Ethernet cable. A laptop is an advantage because you can carry it directly to the router – the cable may not be long enough to connect your desktop PC. routerloginsteps Logging in to Netgear Router through Routerlogin.net
The most vital part of the process is to make the router function as required by the user. The configuring procedure of NETGEAR Router includes landing on the login page, security enabling and wireless network broadcasting. A major part of the process is trying to obtain the router login page. If you are not able to come up with the admin page on, watch our video for more information. routerlogin.net

Step 1: Connect the Router

The first step involves proper connection of your router. Refer to the diagram below and set up your advice as mentioned. The first image depicts the connection without the presence of the modem and the next involves connection with a DSL or optical fiber. Inability to connect the modem will result in failure to obtain the routerlogin page to change core setting that leads to the improvement of network security. After connection of the Wi-Fi device, it is better to reboot the modem. Missing out on this can cause Page cannot be displayed’ error.

Step 2: Switch ON the Router

When the wireless router is setup according to what is shown in the image above, switch on the router and the modem. Check if the LED lights are powered on the router and modem. Wait until the warning symbol disappears at the network adapter symbol. If the warning symbol still appears at the network icon even after powering on your router, get in touch with your lSP immediately.

Step 3: Connect your PC to Network

The next step is the configuration of the Netgear Router or any other modem you have. Firstly, switch on the Wi-Fi adapter on your computer device. The router’s brand name will now reflect in the list of wireless connections. Enter the login credentials mentioned on the box of the router. Tip: Keep the instruction manual that comes with the box safely. You will require this booklet whenever you wish to reset the router to default settings as it has default login credentials mentioned on it.

Step 4: Access the www.routerlogin.net page

If you have a Netgear modem, you would be required to use and www.routerlogin.net. If you are using a device from another manufacturer, the login IP address would be or In case of a Linksys router, you can use linksyssmartwifi.com link. It is practically impossible to complete the setup without landing on the login page of the router. If you are unable to reach the log in page of the Netgear Router, read this.

How to Fix Not Working Problem?

Step 4: Alteration of Necessary Details

After you have successfully logged in to the router dashboard, you can alter settings like the Wi-Fi SSID name, router password and resetting of the router. An administrator can control the router settings and can monitor and control all the traffic in order to detect any unusual activity taking place. The admin can also change parental control settings by enabling or disabling them and restricting their access to certain websites. These settings vary according to the brand of the router; therefore it is advisable that you read the instruction manual to configure the router accordingly.

Resetting the Router Password

If you have been unsuccessful in accessing the admin page of the device inspite of entering the right credentials namely username and password, then it is better to reset the password of the Netgear Router. There is nothing to be worried about performing this step as it will not affect the warranty of the device. It only resets the existing settings to default factory settings. The steps for resetting are as follows:-

  • 1. Firstly flip the router while the power is still on www.routerlogin.net
  • 2. Then, take a pin or paperclip and look for the reset button www.routerlogin.net.
  • 3. Press down the reset button for 20 seconds till all the lights flash.
  • 4. After a minute, enter default router credentials www.routerlogin.net.
  • Troubleshooting

    • INSOOK CHA : we bought R8000 netgear router , it is not working ,It says limited and other devices such as phones and other computers cannot connect to the wifi, it says it might be a problem with the IP address ,I am not able to login into netgear router login webpage using web address www.routerlogin.net or www.routerlogin.com
      Solution : Make sure ethernet cable is connected between netgear router and your cable or dsl modem ,try restarting your netgear router and internet company box and then try to access netgear router login webpage using web address www.routerlogin.net or using default ip address
    • BRUCE DAVENPORT : Can't get the Netgear Genie screen to appear ,I purchased a netgear R8000 and am having problems setting it up, I got as far as a windows screen asking for a password and nothing works,No correct user or password
      Solution : check if your router is turned on or not , try restarting your netgear router and then try default web address , if problem persists try reseting the netgear router using paper pin for 10 seconds ,default network name and password for netgear router is admin and password ,in lower case .
    • GREGON : trying to enable Guest Access operation timed out ,I am using netgear r8000 nighthawk router , please help , netgear router login screen says timed out routerlogin.net/start screen is not loading
      Solution : To enable guest network settings , login to netgear router webpage using web address www.routerlogin.net or www.routerlogin.com , a login page will appear ,use username as admin and password as password , under home settings select guest network option , select the bands 2.4 or 5.0 which you want to enable , click apply and save option .
    • VANG : I am unable to connect to my wifi router i just got to today to any of my iphone? I put the password in but the lock is till on the device name under wifiscearch in my phones , ROUTERLOGIN.NET screen says timed out operation
      Solution : To connect your networking devices with network name ,you need ssid and wifi password for your netgear router ,you can check network name ssid and wifi password from router label itself ,if you have customized wireless settings you can check network name and wifi password from netgear router login web page www.routerlogin.net or www.routerlogin.com
    • TIM RUDD : I HAD TO UNISTALL THE R8000 PROGRAM AND NOW I CANT GET IT TO RELOAD i CHANGED THE Pass word and cant get it back to the default , how can I get back to netgear genie router login or setup page ?
      Solution : To reset password and admin password to factory default ,you can simply reset the netgear device to factory default using a paper clip for 10 seconds , then try reconfiguring netgear device using default ip address .
    • Lester : Having problems connecting wireless devices. Also, cannot pull up routerlogin.net , this computer will not connect wifi
      Solution : Make sure wireless button is turned on your router , connect your networking devices with correct network key passphrase , try restarting your netgear router ,make sure your devices ip settings are selected on auto detect dhcp server and dns address
    • IDRIS : I buy new wifi router and im try to login to my wifi router but it not alow me to ligin in to http://routerlogin.net , Having problems connecting wireless devices. Also, cannot pull up routerlogin.net?
    • Phil: I am trying to log in to the router i am setting up so the genie can detect my internet connection ,I have a netgear router just bought it and Comcast says it isn't working right.it will not connect by hardwire or wireless.its a ac3200 r8000 nighthawk router , change password and everything. I was able to log in to it but can get it to work even the Comcast guy worked on it for 4 hrs', i bought the top of the line nighthawk but it might have to go back.
      Solution :Make sure you have have connected ethernet cable from netgear router wan slot to your internet service provider box ,in case of cable connection ,Comcast ,cox and time warner ,in certain cases you need to do mac cloning or mac spoofing ,certain isp companies allow internet connection on certain mac address or devices ,if you are using a static ip address from your internet service provider ,you need to enter ip address ,dns address values manually to your netgear nighthawk router .
    • TED : I don't have the documentation. Someone set it up for me and either threw it away or took it with them. ihave the password, but not the username.when I try to access routerlogin.com web site its asking for default username and I don’t know that please guide
    • TRACIE : trying to hook the wifi up and I can't get it to work its a new box ,I am using a netgear nighthawk router r 8000 ac 3200 .please help me to get into genie screen or the welcome screen to access router settings iamnot able to access www.routerlogin.net
    • CASTRO : Hi yah I just bought this router and its telling me to login but not finding the correct screen. can you help me connect my router, what is a router page , IAM USING NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK R 8000 ? trying to install my netgear router and when typing www.routerlogin.net for password shows error
    • WALKER : i can't log into netgear genie , I forgot the password and username ,do I need to reset my router to factory settings
    • APRIL : Just got a an R8000 (AC3200) that I want to configure as an access point. It should not be difficult. I follow the instructions and plug the internet in port of the 8000 to the lan port of another router.it is very good router and its plug and play The instructions say to then go to http://www.routerlogin.net and it will bring up a browser page. Mine doesn't. It just goes to isp providers web page that says this url does not exist. I am replacing an older netgear 3300 that I think is gone.
    • ASHLEY : I am atttempting to change my password on my new router. when I try to go to the website provided (www.routerlogin.net) it tells me it can not be found.when I type , I get an message Router: Authentication required
      Solution : Default username for netgear nighthawk router is admin in lower case and password is password in lower case
    • John Valliancourt : i am unable to log into my netgear router with the address provided in the manual. www.routerlogin.net , i am connected to the router now and able to use the wireless features but i want to change the wireless settings and am unable to reach the login screen for the router to change the settings ,please help ?
    • Linda webb : how do i find my wireless router's pin? i am trying to sync our voip phone from nettalk , my isp is Cox , I am not able to connect my voip phone with netgear router , I don’t know what my router pin is ?
      Solution : Try to access netgear router login web page using web address http://www.routerlogin.net or http://www.routerlogin.com , a login screen will appear,enter your login credentials ,click on advanced option , select wps option ,select pin number option ,enter the same pin number on your networking device to pair it with netgear router .
    • Elona : Looking to change my channels on my router , I want to change wireless channels on my router ,please help , I am using netgear nighthawk r 7900 wifi dual band router ,please help ?
      Solution : If you are experiencing interference issues or signal issues ,its recommended to change router channels to 6 or 11 , to change channels on router,open a web browser ,type http://routerlogin.net in address bar , enter your login credentials , click on wireless option and then change channels to 6 or 11 .(routerlogin.net )
    • Kurt : I would like to log into my router,2 years old, its a nighthawk,Ican not login into my router, via Ethernet / computer?My router is connected. I wanted to check router settings, via Netgear genie and it is not taking my password. Which I changed when I setup unit,i am using netgear nighthawk router r 7900 ,please help ? (routerlogin.net )
    • Rich : I purchased a netgear nighthawk r7000 and i connected to a centurylink modem but I cannot see and wifi name for the netgear on any of my devices, wireless 2.4 and 5 ghz lights on router are also off , I am not able to login to netgear router login webpage using router default address www.routerlogin.net and www.routerlogin.com ,please help and update ?
    • JOSE : I found on my papers that the recent netgear I bought requires update check that is what I am trying to do, how do I update my netgear nighthawk router r 8000 firmware .do I have to download some file or its possible from netgear server end .?(routerlogin.net )
    • Randall : I have just purchased a netgearrouternighthawk x6 ac3200 Tri-Band wifi router model R8000 and was trying to update it? I can not figure out how to open netgear router login default web page using web address www.routerlogin.net or www.routerlogin.com ? I tried I want to www.routerlogin.net but nowhere for me to log in
    • Chris : I need to reset the passwords, it was the default ones and didn't prompt me to change them to something I can remember. They were only on the screen one time.im trying to hook my wireless router an the genie display does not come up.(routerlogin.net )
    • JOE : We just purchased a NetGear router AC3200(R8000) and we're trying to setup the network. The instructions say to go to www.routerlogin.net, but that leads to a Time Warner Cable site. when I go to www.routerlogin.com it wont take me to the login page